Computers for Charity is a non-profitmaking organisation whose aim is to promote access to, and use of, Information Technology by community groups.  We achieve our aim by recycling computer systems donated by industry thereby helping to close the loop and reduce waste. Please note that we no longer build new systems.

We were established in 1993 in response to a need expressed by the various voluntary organisations our members were involved with at the time.  One of the main concerns expressed was the high cost of obtaining useful computer systems, even though companies were regularly updating their systems and throwing out the old systems.

Concern for Industry

We appreciate the economic and security concerns of industry.  It costs time and money to upgrade PC systems and transfer data, not all of which might be removed from the old equipment. For this reason we offer our benefactors three guarantees

  1. We indemnify you against any, and all, third-party claims arising from use of the donated equipment
  2. We will remove all data from magnetic storage media within the equipment
  3. We will collect the donated equipment free of charge

Therefore, the cost to industry of donating machines to Computers for Charity is kept to an absolute minimum. All it takes is a few moments of your time to Register with us, or

Call Gail on Bude (01288) 36 11 99

Concern for the Community

Volunteers are a vital resource to the community group and anything which makes their work easier can only benefit the organisation.  Information technology in the form of personal computer systems is something which can help your volunteers to do their work and improve the services you can offer your community.

We can offer you the chance to obtain a computer system delivered and installed for a very low cost.  All our recycled systems are guaranteed for three months.  New systems are guaranteed for one year and telephone support is available should your volunteers expereince any difficulties.  All systems are supplied with your choice of software.  

If you are involved with a community organisation that could use a computer, or would like a brochure, take a little time to Register with us,  or