Computers For Charity was the first such organisation to begin recycling computers for community groups way back in June 1993.  We appreciate the difficulties facing businesses today trying to balance the needs of legislation, data security and financial budgets. We believe that we have the perfect solution for you.

We offer you the following three guarantees:

  1. We will collect multiple machines and single systems from your premises anywhere on the UK Mainland. We recognise the fact your redundant equipment has been written down and the costs of disposal are growing and storage space is limited. You have a valuable resource – it is  not waste!. Click Here to check the quantities that we can collect free of charge.
  2. We will wipe all the data, programs and, wherever possible security labels from your systems. Secure Data Destruction to InfoSec Standard 5 is available at a cost of £7.50 inclusive per system. We are registered on the Data Protection RegisterRegistration Number Z6774618
  3. We indemnify you from third-party claims . When you donate a computer, you are still responsible for its safety. Donate to us and we assume that responsibility for you through our insurance with Zurich.

To assist in your asset tracking management, we can also provide you with a Certificate of Disposal itemising all items donated with a barcode. We’ll scan each item as it enters our warehouse and provide you with confirmation of the items logged in. 
We are members of the national recycling organisation, the Community Recycling Network (CRN)